8 Strengths of
   Ivy Summer School
  • Access to World Class Professors from Top Universities
  • One-on-One Mentoring with Leaders in the Industries
  • Focus on Responsibility, Persistence, Integrity, and Excellence
  • Learn and experience life in Ivy League Universities
  • Recommendations for Top Students to Ivy League Universities
  • Exclusive Membership in “Ivy Club China”
  • Onsite visits with Fortune 500 companies to build internship opportunities
  • Post School Private Education Consultancy
Ivy Club China

Ivy Club China is non-for-profit organization founded by a group of elite professionals who have returned to China after studying and working overseas. We regularly organize networking events in major cities around the world. Members are all graduates of top tier international schools with outstanding achievements in the fields of education, finance, media, science, real estate and other fields. Our members bring a wealth of professional experience and academic learning as well as a vast network of social resources, they and are the next generation of industry leaders.
Ivy Club China's mission is:
1) To strengthen ties and cooperation in the professional community of returned overseas Chinese
2) To partner with business organizations, social groups and government agencies to promote development of commercial, educational, financial, high-tech and strategic industries in China. 
3) To build a platform for international cultural exchange and business partnerships 
4) To foster the next generation of leaders across all industries in China

Ivy Club China Gala 2013


The Gala is co-organized by The Columbia Alumni Association, China Daily USA, Ivy Club China, and Ivy Summer School.

We are excited to welcome the Nobel Laureate in economics and professor of Columbia Robert A. Mundell to be our keynote speaker.   Together, with the elite from different disciplines, we will share the wisdom and the positive influence impact in the world.

The Gala also launches the Columbia Alumni Association of Guangzhou.




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